SPEAKER: Zoe Curnoë

Zoë Curnoe

Studio Director
Timbre Games

Zoe co-founded Timbre Games, in June of 2021 with Joe Nickolls, Geoff Coates & Keith Hentschel. As Studio Director, she brings a wealth of production experience, a sense of humour, a love of video games & a passion for diversity, inclusion & accessibility to the team. Zoë has held production positions at companies ranging from eccentric artists in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, to large powerhouses such as Riot Games and Electronic Arts. Most recently Zoë was the Production Director of the Story Campaign for the Gears of War series at The Coalition. She is committed to helping more diverse people enter & succeed in games & finding ways to encourage their voices to not only be heard but listened to, creating an environment where everyone can do their best work.


Breaking down team silos for productivity and inclusion

As humans, we naturally gravitate towards groups to which we feel an affinity to. This grouping can inadvertently work against our inclusion and belonging efforts, creating breaks and division in our shared goals. When we silo by discipline in game development teams and across organizations, we are no longer harnessing the full potential of our collective talent. The most diverse and talented teams must feel included, united and have a healthy environment in which to innovate and deliver an experience that reflects, inspires, and connects with our audience... because games are for everyone.

• Why values and culture are just as important as the “what” we create
• Why eliminating discipline silos is vital not just in development teams but across the organization
• How we can create more inclusive behaviours and more cohesive team culture
• How we can foster this culture and create more space for creativity and innovation as a result