SPEAKER: Michael Ollerton

Michael Ollerton

Character Artist
Sumo Sheffield

Michael is a Character Artist with a deep passion for creating stylised characters with strong appealing shapes in both 3d and 2d. Michael has been at Sumo for a little over 5 years and worked on titles like Crackdown 3, Dead Island 2 and Sackboy. Michael studied Game Art Design at De Montfort University. Michael is influenced by the animated films he grew up with and enjoys studying the processes developed by the artists on these films and how he can apply these practices to his own work.


Techniques for Stylisation in Characters and Beyond

Michael will be discussing his process for stylisation based on his personal research into the techniques developed by the many artists at animation studios, such as Disney, and how these methods for stylisation can be used both specifically for characters and to more general applications. This talk will offer practical approaches that listeners will be able to directly apply to their own work as well as insights into why these practices are so successful.


• Techniques of a popular and successful art style.
• A brief history of the origin of this style.
• Practical processes for stylising characters including anatomy, clothing, and hair.
• Approaches to more broad concepts such as high-frequency details and shape language.