SPEAKER: Ines Lagato

Ines Lagato


"Ines is a Producer and a passionate games advocate at Lab42 Games. She has worked on a wide range of titles, including Spite and Malice, World Fishing Tour, Alien: Isolation, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, Human Fall Flat and Call of Duty: Vanguard. Ines has a background in Multimedia and Performative Arts, an Undergrad Course in Digital Games Design from the Politechnic Institute of Braganca - Portugal, and a Masters in Videogames Enterprise, Production and Design from Birmingham City University. "


Studio Jam: Empowering your team through creativity

How can you use a studio jam to strengthen your company culture and empower your team? Ines shares her experiences running the first studio jam at Lab42 Games; from inception to completion, and how she used data to help shape the experience. She also shares insight into how a Studio Jam differs from a regular Game Jam, and how you can use Studio Jams to empower your team creatively, building an inclusive company culture that allows everyone to grow and feel valued. 

• Discover how running events outside of regular contractual game development can strengthen your studio culture
• Learn everything you need to know about running your first studio jam
• Find out how bringing people together for their love of games without the usual pressures of work can reignite their passion for the games industry