SPEAKER: Daniélle Viljoen

Daniélle Viljoen

VFX Artist
Sumo Sheffield

Daniélle embarked on her VFX Journey when she participated in game jams during University. After falling in love with the craft, with three hours of sleep and eight energy drinks under her belt, she was convinced enough to make a career change from Animator to VFX artist. Daniélle quickly enrolled as a VFX intern here at Sumo Digital in Sheffield and has been working with enthusiasm with her team for over a year and a half now.


From Paper to Engine - VFX before it is VFX

Thumbnails & concepts are the best way to visually convey ideas, they allow other disciplines to add input early in the creative process & ensure proper steps are taken when creating final assets. This demo provides a look into how “thinking” before “doing” can save time whilst also offering more possibilities for creativity. Learn the usefulness of constraints, the art of 30-second thumbnails, photoshop tips & tricks for maximum wow factor &, above all, see the workflow first-hand, from start to finish.

• How having the mindset of planning before creating saves time in the long run.
• The usefulness of constraints and how to use them.
• The art of thumbnailing and the importance of visual explanations.
• How concepts create alignment across disciplines.