SPEAKER: Chaime Boonen

Chaime Boonen

Junior VFX Artist
Sumo Sheffield

Chaime studied Digital Arts and Entertainment at HOWEST in Belgium. This is where he first got the chance to pick up a little bit of Houdini. Chaime immediately found the workflow provided by Houdini fascinating, and it satisfied his technical side a lot more than any other software had. After graduating and joining Sumo Digital as a Junior VFX Artist, he kept working with Houdini in his free time and is really keen on helping to increase the use of Houdini in the games Industry.


An Introduction to Houdini in Game VFX Pipelines

Showcasing the power of Houdini to create procedural VFX assets and tools, Chaime will speak about the general pipeline of using Houdini and Unreal Engine, using an example tool made specifically for this presentation. You’ll be shown how it’s possible to unlock more options for creative game mechanics by using Houdini to create procedural & game ready VFX.


• Basics of proceduralism in Houdini
• Making a Houdini digital asset for Unreal Engine
• Various methods to convert to real-time FX
• Advantages of using Houdini for games
• More using a full pipeline example