SPEAKER: Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown

Principal Programmer
Sumo Sheffield

Adrian started programming at age 9 & by age 17 he had setup Catfish with three friends, working on Amiga conversions of Mutant League Hockey & Bloodnet. The company was sold to Perfect Entertainment & Adrian worked on titles such as Discworld II & FIFA World Cup 98. He joined HotHouse Creations in the mid-90s & went on to set up his own company working on titles such as Need for Speed, Worms & State of Emergency. He began contracting for Sumo Digital Ltd working on titles such as Sonic Racing Transformed, Moshi Monsters & Crackdown 3 before joining full time as Principal Programmer in 2021.


Tips from a journey along the programming pathway

It is easy to believe the past is the past and we should always be using the newest, greatest techniques when developing our games. However we must not assume the old ways are always the wrong way.

This session will attempt to answer a range of questions including “why it is important to have some basic knowledge of assembler?” and “Is your usual solution to a problem appropriate?”. It will finish up with some useful suggestions that may aid you as you progress along the programming pathway.


• Assembler isn’t a dead language.
• Good techniques can turn bad, use them appropriately
• Learn to trust your instincts
• Plan for the future
• Keep it simple