Building multiplayer games with PlayFab


Explore the horizon of multiplayer game development with PlayFab in this tech talk. We will focus on PlayFab’s multiplayer capabilities, PlayFab Party and PlayFab Multiplayer Servers (MPS). We kick off with an introduction to PlayFab Party, a service that provides low-latency networking and rich communication features for your games. We'll show you how to establish ad-hoc networks that facilitate smooth player interactions, as well as how to incorporate voice and chat capabilities, making your games more immersive and social. From there, we navigate to the realm of PlayFab MPS for scenarios necessitating an authoritative game server. We'll discuss how it caters to demanding multiplayer scenarios, providing server-based game logic to maintain fairness, prevent cheating, and manage complex game states.


•Introduction to PlayFab Party, what it is, use
•cases, examples.
•Introduction to PlayFab MPS (Multiplayer Servers)
•What do you need to get started with these technologies
•Best practices, managing costs