Sumo Digital’s flagship learning event


Sumo is committed to ensuring its people have every opportunity to learn, progress and excel in their chosen career paths, or to explore new disciplines and skills within game development. SDC is integral to that strategy and is a great opportunity to ensure world class content across all game development disciplines, plus personal development and business, is accessible to all our people, in one place, at the same time.

SDC sessions cover all disciplines of games creation; art, audio, code, design, live ops, production and QA plus there are sessions on personal development and business.


The majority of our speakers at SDC are from one of our 18 studios and businesses across Sumo Group but we’ve also had the likes of Epic Games, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and SpecialEffect attend to give key notes and present talks.


SDC also offers numerous networking opportunities for people to come together in person and our fringe events include the Student & Sumo Digital Academy games showcase, 5-a-side football and so much more!

“It’s fundamentally important to bring everyone together at SDC, it provides an opportunity to bring game creators from so many world class gaming experiences together to share, learn and build those bonds together”

Gary Dunn

Managing Director, Sumo Digital

“It’s just really great to work somewhere where learning and development, and wellbeing of your staff is really valued, that we can take two days out of work, and all come together and celebrate what we do for a living but also share what we’re doing.”

Pete Barnard

Studio Art Director, Sumo Leamington

“It has been an amazing experience. I am super impressed that Sumo was able to put on a conference equal to GDC”

Zoe Curnoe

Studio Director and Founder, Timbre Games

“I really like it that you have these open sessions, so everyone else can also learn and I think its really great that Sumo Developer Conference is doing that”

Ari Arnbjörnsson

Epic Games

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