Ever since we announced SDC we've had a number of questions about the event. With that in mind, we've decided to compile the answers to some of our most common questions into this handy FAQ


What is the Sumo Developer Conference?
Sumo Developer Conference (or SDC) is our first foray into producing a live learning and collaborative event by our people, for our people. Learning is part of everyone’s professional growth and at Sumo it is an area we’re incredibly passionate about. As part of SDC, we’re inviting people from all 11 of the Sumo Digital studios to join us in Sheffield for the conference to learn from over 50 expert speakers, spread across 7 tracks plus the opportunity to meet colleagues and friends from across the studios. SDC is going to be an event that we hope our people will never forget!

I am a Sumo Digital employee; how can I attend?
Sumo Digital employees will have received a set of initial emails from your studio management teams to confirm your interest in attending. Following confirmation of attendance (inc. travel and hotels where applicable), you will later receive a follow-up email directing you to the SDC registration site. Once signed up, you will receive your ticket/barcode via email. Please ensure you bring this with you to the event, alongside a form of identification.

I am not an employee; can I still attend the event in person?
External attendees will only be able to join us digitally for our ‘Open’ sessions as per our event agenda. No physical admissions will be granted.

Why are some of your sessions marked as ‘Closed’?
SDC is cutting-edge learning for our people, and we’ll be delving into both confidential and unannounced projects in development.  The only way to learn about this is to join Sumo Digital!

Will any of the sessions be available to watch after the event?
All of our sessions will be captured during the event and made available to watch following the conclusion of the event. Open sessions will be publicly available over on the Sumo Digital YouTube account. All closed sessions will be made available to Sumo Digital employees via Dojo.

Do I have to pre-book the talks I’d like to see or can I just turn up?
For employees in physical attendance, we highly encourage you to register your interest for talks over on our internal platform – Dojo. This will help us assign an auditorium with adequate capacity to support the levels of interest in a particular session.

We also encourage the public to sign up for our Open sessions on the SDC Registration site to help us gauge interest for potential future events.

Are the venues accessibility friendly?
As an educational institute, the University of Sheffield is governed by strict guidelines to ensure its facilities and services are accessible to all and prevent discrimination regardless of physical barriers. Should you have any accessibility concerns you feel may not have been addressed, please reach out to our team via SDC@Sumo-digital.com.